Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing

First of all, I say, this post is completely for beginners, Those who are new in marketing sectors or those who do marketing to get clients or do any kind of sales for marketing, a confusion is created within them whether its digital marketing or social media marketing that they are doing. So today I will talk about this topic and I will also explain why social media marketing is important.

First of all, let’s talk about digital marketing:

There will be a circus next month. Everyone should know about this. I wondered if it could be aired on TV and in magazines, I talked to them, they gave me pricing. I agreed. And they started promoting, it’s actually advertising.

Then I went out on the street with an elephant. I wandered around the city writing about the circus on the elephant’s body. It’s actually a promotion.

Seeing this promotion, many media and magazines started writing about the circus, it is publicity.

People started talking about the circus. This is the public reaction. After all, people went to see the circus, cut their tickets. This is Sales. And this whole process is marketing. And when this whole process is on digital channels, it is digital marketing. Source: Nahid

Now let’s come to social media marketing:

Social media marketing is a sub-category of digital marketing. Logo design is a very important part of graphic design, as well as social media marketing or digital marketing, which is very important. You need to do social media marketing for whatever online job if you want to make a good profit from it. For 80% of freelancing work, you have to rely on social media. Suppose you are a graphics designer now that you are working on (FIVERR, Upwork) the client comes from but if you are marketing through social media with that gig then you will see how much sales you will get if you are marketing it well. Yes, you will.

Almost all professionals do this. Now let’s say you do affiliate marketing. There are rumors that you will sell these to whom. For that, you must take the help of social media. In fact, the main thing is that you can’t finish talking about social media marketing.

Social media marketing has spread widely in the outside world. The demand for which is increasing day by day has been introduced in our country at present. It is expected to spread more widely in the next ten years. Already many companies in Bangladesh have started social media marketing and they are making huge profits. If you want to learn more click here

Many people nowadays waste their time through social media. Even if you do not have a company of your own, you can do freelancing and outsourcing on this topic if you are an expert in social media marketing.

Popular social media marketing websites are,






Again you can be a skilled marketer on all these websites. I see so many marketers that even with just Facebook marketing, he is not able to finish his job.

So I would say do some research before you start something and then start your work with the help of a good mentor if you can follow a good guide line. Don’t waste your time and career just by doing this work today and tomorrow.

All the very best for your work and don’t forget to take care of your health. And of course, during this epidemic, everyone will be in the house.

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