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The logo is a unique graphical symbol and a sign identifying the company. Logos are originated from ancient times when they were a family coat of arms. They were used for the signets on documents that identified the origin of the document and its authenticity. Free Logo Mockup PSD templates Download

In XX century, companies began to use the logos to highlight their products among competitors of the industry. Since that time, the logos have become an integral part of the company.

For owners of the companies, logo is a very serious thing: the purpose of a logo isn’t just to attract the customer’s attention, but to be fully remembered. Logo allows any person to see in what area the company operates in and to understand its features.

Logo is a visual instrument for stimulating consumers’ attention to your company. Its mission is to leave a bright trace in their minds while it isn’t always successfully achieved in ordinary words.

At all times, logos have been the most simple and effective method of business promotion. They determine the brand awareness of the company and its representation on the various documents and on the Internet through a unique graphic image.

It is important from the very first days of your company to create a good logo. Such a symbol has the same meaning that the company’s name. That’s why we are happy to present you this interesting modern collection of PSD Logos mockups for creating the necessary part of any business.

All of them were made this year. These PSD Logos can be customized the way you need following one download. They are fully layered and precisely organized. If you are a designer, if you want to create the best logo for your company or just to understand how it works and get some inspiration, these calm and beautiful collection is exactly for you!

Landor does not ‘present logos’, it presents ‘identities’.A typical presentation will start with a recap of the strategy using Landor’s own brand platform (which isn’t very good)—the brand driver platform. Then probably a set of mood boards setting up the design style and then three different concepts including logo and identity.Free Logo Mockup PSD templates, Free Logo Mockup PSD templates

Then they will facilitate a discussion in order to help the client choose, usually trying to steer them towards their own favorite.

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